GGS take a closer look….

GGS take a closer look…

In this post we examine our best selling product, The Prestige 38mm, against another product that is currently available locally.

Look similar? Look again….

Our Prestige 38mm lawn in close up showing clearly the inner ‘spine’ running through each individual blade.

This internal spine gives our artificial lawns long term durability against general foot traffic and being parked upon.

There nothing worse than having your lovely new synthetic turf go flat within a few months! We make sure, with all our artificial lawns, that this spine is present.

When choosing your new synthetic grass or fake turf always look for this back bone in the blades, lots of artificial lawns are made from a basic monofilament blade and don’t have this inner support.Monofilament yarn¬†The above picture shows a basic monofilament blade, lots of companies sell this as a high grade product but the inner supporting structure just isnt there.Prestige 38mm Close up showing inner spine

The above is our Prestige 38mm, you can clearly see the inner back bone of the blade.



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