How am I going to be saving money by choosing Go Greener Synthetics for my synthetic turf needs?

Implementing a Go Greener Synthetic Turf System is an investment that supports substantial maintenance and irrigation savings over an extended period of time.

With a product life expectancy beyond 20 years, a Go Greener Synthetic Turf System adds a significant value to your pocket and your environment. You’ll find that our synthetic surfaces pay for themselves sooner than you think.

If I purchase synthetic turf from Go Greener Synthetics, how do I receive my order?

We have a cut and ship network as flexible as our customers would like. After your funds have cleared from your selected method of payment you can count on your product arriving 3 -14 business days later. Our delivery service will deliver your material to the shipping address provided.

I have several dogs that do their business outside; will they damage or destroy the turf?

No, the burned or destroyed area you are accustomed to seeing with natural grass will not be the case with synthetic turf. Our artificial turf system will stand up to even the toughest pets. You will not have to worry about staining or mildew build up from your pets’ daily routine.
You can simply rinse off your area in question and enjoy a long lasting, plush, green synthetic lawn for years and years.

There seem to be so many artificial turf companies, why should I buy turf from Go Greener Synthetics?

As a local based, manufacturer direct, wholesale artificial turf suppliers, we can save you valuable time and money using our expertise to create the best products at the greatest value direct from their sources.

With numerous turf brands and product specifications on the market the turf experts at Go Greener Synthetics take all of the guesswork and endless research out of the picture.

Can I install a Go Greener Synthetic Turf System myself?

Yes, with every synthetic turf order we provide thorough step-by-step installation instructions and free access to our installation support line. The installation of synthetic grass is not only very simple for someone who would consider themselves a competent DIYer, but will also add beauty, value and curb appeal to your home or business.

Can Go Greener Synthetics install my new artificial lawn for me?

Yes, Go Greener Synthetics offer a complete install service from removal of your existing natural lawn or excess sand, capping retic and installing your new synthetic grass. We also offer landscaping services including limestone planters, paving, reticulation, decking and much more….

Will my Go Greener Synthetic Turf System stand up to the elements?

Yes, Go Greener Synthetics offers turf systems with the highest endurance and quality specifications available. Our UV resistant Polyethylene fiber system is clearly the preferred material over Polypropylene and Nylon offered by many of our competitors.

We have contracted extensive independent laboratory testing, and are pleased to offer a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on our ultraviolet (UV) radiation resilient Polyethylene fibers.

This revolutionary material offers enhanced strength, pliability and UV resistance, for a more natural and more durable finished product. Together with our super duty urethane backing, our suite of synthetic turf products will stand up to the elements of the harsh Australian climate and take a beating under the most demanding applications.

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