Supply only DIY available on Artificial lawn for Mandurah, Bunbury and Perth-Fantastic Rates!

Supply only DIY available on Artificial lawn for Mandurah, Bunbury and Perth-Fantastic Rates!

Available for the public to purchase direct from ourselves all of our quality Australian Made synthetic lawns along with all the consumables you would need to complete the installation.

Why not save $$$ and install your own artificial grass, with our fantastic rates and free delivery on all orders over 40m2 it couldn’t be more cost effective or simpler!

Our Synthetic Grass Products;-


40mm synthetic grass in Two-tone olive green with a straw nylon thatch to enhance its natural appearance. Australian Made

Using the latest  technology yarn which is up to 15% cooler than traditional synthetic lawns and a ‘de-lustered’ finish, the Meadow Cool is proving to be our most popular choice for the home owner that requires a natural looking and durable synthetic grass that is family friendly. 3.71m Wide Roll. 3/8 Gauge. 180 Stitches per 10cm. Reinforced backing. 8 Year Warranty.


38mm synthetic grass in Two-tone olive and lime green blades with a light tan nylon thatch. This grass has a subtle lime green appearance for the home owner who wish their lawn to be a balance between natural and green in appearance. Also soft under foot lending itself well to family rear lawns. Australian Made. 3.71m Wide Roll. 3/8 Gauge. 200 Stitches per 10cm. Reinforced backing. 8 Year Warranty.


30mm Synthetic grass, with mid-green/olive blades with mid tan thatch. If there was a turf suited to the all rounder label then this is it. Verges, back yards (Child and pet friendly) play centres, commercial applications-you name it. Durable and natural looking with low lustre appearance. Australian Made 3.71m Wide Roll. 3/8 Gauge. 140 Stitches per 10cm. Reinforced backing. 8 Year Warranty.


Two tone natural blade with light olive thatch, 38mm variable height blade, mimicking natural lawn, Prestige Cool’s dense thatch requires less grooming product aiding its ability to dissipate heat away from the surface. This synthetic grass is particularly well suited to large areas where high aesthetic appeal is desired or leisure areas because of its soft feel underfoot. American Made. 3.85m Wide Roll. 3/8 Gauge. 200 Stitches per 10cm. Reinforced backing. 8 Year Warranty.

BREEZE SYNTHETIC GRASS 35mm height lush green blade with dense green thatch. Breeze synthetic grass has a lush green appearance and is luxurious under foot, equally suitable for kerb appeal or as a fully functional lawn for the whole family. A popular choice for pool surrounds and to compliment limestone hard scape. Australian Made 3.71m Wide Roll. 3/8 Gauge. 140 Stitches per 10cm. Reinforced backing. 8 Year Warranty.


The latest addition to our range and proving our most popular artificial lawn to date. Two tone natural blades with an olive thatch, lovely and dense in texture and therefore luxurious underfoot. Ideal for home owners seeking high aesthetic appeal along with a natural feel. American Made. 3.75m Wide Roll. 3/8 Gauge. 170 Stitches per 10cm. Reinforced backing. 8 Year Warranty.


10mm pile height, non-directional (also available in 18mm) This short pile synthetic grass is the perfect practice green, ideal for both the amateur or professional golfer. This product can also be used to cover pavers and patio areas. Minimal sand infill required. Australian Made. 4.0m Wide Roll. 3/8 Gauge. 290 Stitches per 10cm. Reinforced backing. 8 Year Warranty.


Please note: Pile height on all products is reduced by approximately 8-10mm once the final grooming process is completed using white silica sand.


Not confident to install your own fake grass? We offer a full installation service including removal of your existing natural lawn. We also complete all general landscaping services.

Please call 1300 944 989 for more information.


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